DOB’s No-Penalty Inspection Program Returns

The Department of Buildings recently announced the return of the annual No-Penalty Inspection Program, which offers free inspections for small landlords in New York City.

One level deeper: From June 20 through July 31, 2024, owners can call 311 to schedule a free no-penalty visual inspection of their properties to get an expert opinion on areas that need repair or for compliance with applicable regulations. This program helps owners plan for needed repairs to ensure that the structures and equipment on their properties are in good condition, and to help prevent the development of potentially hazardous conditions. 

In an effort to offer more New Yorkers access to this long running program, DOB added building facades and boilers to the No-Penalty Inspection Program for the first-time last year, and these additional inspection areas are available in this year’s program again.

The bottom line: The program provides an opportunity for property owners to take advantage of the knowledge of Buildings inspectors without the fear of receiving fines if issues are found. 

Starting on June 20th, owners can call 311 to request their free, no-penalty inspections of any of the following building structures and equipment:

  • Decks and Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Facades for Buildings Under 6 Stories in Height
  • Business Signs
  • Unregistered Boilers
  • Unregistered Private Elevator Devices

Staff at 311 will then connect members of the public to the appropriate unit at DOB to schedule a field visit with a city inspector. During a scheduled inspection, inspectors will be available to discuss any additional building concerns that owners may have, and direct them on how to obtain additional assistance from the department. 

Following the property inspection, the DOB will notify property owners of our findings. If DOB finds any violating conditions or safety issues, its inspectors will not issue violations that carry associated penalties for a limited time. Instead, DOB inspectors will provide guidance on how to correct the conditions, and give the owners the opportunity to make corrective repairs that will ensure their property is safe.