HPD Releases Sample Gas Leak Notice

Local Law 153 of 2016 recently went into effect. The law requires the owner of a dwelling to provide residential tenants with a notice regarding procedures that should be followed when a gas leak is suspected.

The information must be provided by:

  • Delivering such notice to each tenant and prospective tenant of such dwelling (all tenant-occupied units, including one- and two-family homes) with the lease or lease renewal form for such tenant or prospective tenant; and
  • Posting and maintaining a notice in a common area of the building.

HPD has issued a sample notice for use by owners and agents beginning immediately. It can be found by clicking here.

HPD also notes that until it finalizes its rules relating to Local Law 153, owners should post a paper copy of the sample notice in common areas and provide it to tenants. HPD’s website will be updated with the final notice language and requirements when HPD rules related to this Local Law are final. Failure to post and to provide the appropriate notice can result in a violation being issued.