Tenant Activist to Be Nominated to City Planning Commission

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams intends to nominate tenant organizer Cea Weaver to the City Planning Commission. Williams can appoint one of the commission’s 13 seats. The planning commission oversees the city’s growth and development in the areas of housing, business, industry, transportation, recreation, culture, and health care.

The seat is currently held by Michelle de la Uz, who was originally appointed by Bill de Blasio, then the public advocate, in 2012. The mayor appoints the chairperson, who also serves as city planning director, and six other members. The five borough presidents each appoint one member. The chair serves at the mayor’s pleasure, while the other 12 commissioners sit for staggered terms of five years.

Weaver is currently the campaign coordinator for Housing Justice for All, a statewide coalition of tenant groups. As part of Housing Justice for All, she helped push for the passage of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act, and has advised a number of progressive New York politicians, including State Senator Julia Salazar and Assembly Member Diana Richardson. Since the pandemic hit, Weaver has called on Governor Cuomo to cancel rent and has helped organize rent strikes against large landlords.