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Tenant Protection Act Upheld in Court

August 20, 2009    

The Tenant Protection Act, which gave tenants the right to sue owners in Housing Court for using threats or other disruptive tactics to force them out, was upheld in a recent State Supreme Court ruling. The law made harassment a housing code violation and allowed a judge to impose civil...

State Assembly Approves Sweeping Rent-Regulation Revisions

February 22, 2009    

In an attempt to address affordable housing issues in New York City and surrounding communities, the state assembly overwhelmingly passed a sweeping 10-bill legislative package that, among other things, would scale back increases on rent-regulated apartments statewide, returning to regulation...

Federal Violence Against Women Act May Prevent Tenant's Eviction

February 1, 2009    

The Section 8 program is a federal program that helps people with low income pay rent to a private apartment owner. While a Section 8 tenant may have a lease with you, the tenant will also have a contract with a housing agency that pays part of your rent and “administers” the voucher...