Q & A

Calculating Long-Term Prior Tenant Vacancy Increase

September 16, 2008    

Q A long-term tenant, who lived in the same apartment for 40 years, died recently. I wish to verify the calculation of the new rent. If I calculate the prior legal rent, plus the long-term prior tenant increase, plus the Rent Guidelines Board Order (...

Enforcing Agreement to Rent to Nonprimary Resident

September 16, 2008    

Q An applicant wants to rent one of my rent-stabilized apartments, but says that he won't be using the apartment as his primary residence. He is willing to agree in writing to rent the apartment as a nonprimary resident and therefore be exempt from...

Wages in 421a Tax-Break Rental Buildings

July 1, 2008    

Q My company is about to start construction on a 50-unit residential rental building that will be under rent stabilization. We have been informed that to receive the tax benefits of 421a in a new 50-unit building, the building superintendent will have...