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Q&A: Allowable Adults Living in Studio Apartment

Q: We have a situation in the building that deals with overcrowding in a studio apartment. A young couple purchased a studio apartment during the past year. The couple then had a baby girl. Following the birth of the child, the grandparents arrived from China and the owners of the apartment stated that the grandparents were going to watch the child over the summer. However, at the end of the summer the grandparents didn't leave.

Don't Let Roof Snow and Ice Fall on Pedestrians

So far this winter, New York City has had two severe snowfalls, with accompanying frigid temperatures, and it appears that this weather pattern is likely to hold through the end of February. As a result, snow and ice are accumulating on the roofs and ledges of buildings throughout the city, and, therefore, when the weather begins to warm, chunks of ice and snow will start falling from those heights to the streets and sidewalks below. Possible injury to persons and property may follow.