Feature Articles

How to Obtain Documents, Access Records from DHCR

May 22, 2023    

From time to time, you may need to ask the DHCR for certain information or documents. For example, you may be defending against a reduced services complaint and want to see the DHCR inspection report, or you may want a printout of all cases currently pending at the DHCR for a building you’...

Cure Violations for Upcoming MBR Cycle for Rent-Controlled Apartments

May 22, 2023    

The Maximum Base Rent Program affects housing conditions in New York City rent-controlled apartments. The program helps ensure that apartments under rent control provide enough income for their maintenance and for building improvements. Local Law 30 of 1970 stipulates that Maximum Base Rents be...

HPD Sharpens Enforcement Against NYC's 250 Worst Apartment Buildings

May 22, 2023    

For the 16th year, HPD has announced its list of the most poorly maintained apartment buildings in New York City. As a result of placement on the list, there will be increased enforcement against these 250 buildings through HPD’s Alternative Enforcement Program (AEP). The AEP was...

DOHMH Establishes Rat Mitigation Zones

April 23, 2023    

Prepare for more inspections and tougher enforcement for violations in these zones.


RGB Releases 2023 Income & Expense, Affordability Reports

April 23, 2023    

The Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) is mandated by law to establish yearly rent adjustments for rent-stabilized apartments in New York City. The board holds an annual series of public meetings and hearings to consider research from staff and testimony from owners, tenants, advocacy groups, and...

File RPIE Statements, Storefront Registry Filings with DOF by June 1

April 23, 2023    

The NYC Department of Finance (DOF) requires certain owners of residential properties to file the Real Property Income & Expense Statement (RPIE) every year. The DOF uses income and expense information gathered each year from this filing to value your property accurately for the upcoming tax...

3 Tips to Navigate City’s Efforts to Increase Fair Housing Testing

March 24, 2023    

The city commits funds to fight source-of-income discrimination.


New Deadlines for Phasing Out Fuel Oil Grade No. 4 Boilers

March 24, 2023    

The maximum penalty for burning No. 4 oil after the phase-out dates has been increased to $10,000.


Mayor Signs Laws to Strengthen Fire Safety

March 24, 2023    

The legislation responds to the risks related to e-bikes and lithium-ion batteries.


Although e-bikes and e-scooters are an affordable and convenient alternative to cars, the fires caused by the batteries that power such micromobility devices are a significant problem in...

Large Building Owners to Submit Benchmarking Data by May 1

March 24, 2023    

Failure to benchmark will result in a violation and a penalty of $500.

Local Law 84 (LL84) requires owners of large buildings to measure their energy and water consumption annually in a process called benchmarking. LL84 standardizes this process by requiring building owners...

DHCR Updates Documents to Reflect Private Housing Finance Law

March 24, 2023    

PHFL allows higher rent collection for certain low-income housing projects.


On Dec. 15, 2022, Governor Hochul signed Section 610 of the Private Housing Finance Law (PHFL) to resolve a conflict for low-income housing owners between their rental subsidy program and rent...

OSE Opens Short-Term Rental Registration Portal

March 24, 2023    

In the December 2022 issue of the Insider, we highlighted the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) proposed rules to implement Local Law 18, the short-term rental registration law (see...