Feature Articles

DHCR Adopts Significant Amendments to Rent Regulations

November 21, 2023    

Here are the highlights that owners of rent-regulated apartments need to be aware of.


On Oct. 23, the DHCR announced that it filed the necessary “Notices of Adoption” required by law to enact rent regulatory amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code, the Tenant...

Complete Annual Bedbug Reporting Requirement with HPD by Dec. 31

November 21, 2023    

Each year, apartment building owners are required to file bedbug infestation and treatment reports with HPD. Owners must file annually between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31 for the previous year from November 2022 through October 2023.  

Perform Indoor Allergen Hazard Investigations by Dec. 31

November 21, 2023    

In New York City, Local Law 55 of 2018, the Asthma-Free Housing Act, requires that owners of buildings with three or more apartments keep their tenants’ apartments free of mold and pests. Under this law, an owner of multiple dwellings is required to inspect units annually for indoor...

DHCR Increases Air-Conditioner Rent Surcharge for 2023–24

October 27, 2023    

But a recent law eliminates the $5 surcharge for tenant-installed A/C units.



The Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) recently announced an increase in this year’s air-conditioner rent surcharge for owners who pay for electricity. In rent-...

Mandatory Curbside Composting Expands to Brooklyn

October 27, 2023    

New York City’s curbside composting program is coming to all five boroughs before the end of 2024. Mandatory curbside composting recently started in Brooklyn with collections on Oct. 2. The service will be automatic, guaranteed, free, and year-round.

Plan Announced to Containerize Waste at Nearly All Residential Buildings

October 27, 2023    

With these new rules, 70% of the city’s trash is headed into containers.


Mayor Adams and DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch recently announced a new front in the administration’s war on rats. They’re launching a plan to containerize waste at approximately 95...

DOB Proposes New Rules for Implementing Local Law 97

September 25, 2023    

Here’s how you may be able to get two more years to comply with the impending climate law.



New Rule Requires Annual Parapet Inspections for NYC Buildings

September 25, 2023    

In November 2021, New York City enacted Local Law 126 of 2021, which requires periodic inspections of NYC parking structures. At the same time, the legislation added to the NYC Administrative Code required periodic observation or inspection of building parapets. DOB recently adopted the final...

Post Updated Energy Grades for Large Buildings by Oct. 31

September 25, 2023    

Failure to post the label by the deadline may result in a civil penalty of $1,250.


Since 2020, buildings 25,000 square feet and larger have been required to publicly post their building’s energy efficiency grade by Oct. 31. Failure to display an energy grade of each...

What You Need to Know about NYC Heat Law Requirements

September 25, 2023    

The beginning of New York City’s eight-month-long “heat season” is coming soon, and owners must comply with the temperature requirements in NYC heat laws during the colder months. During heat season, HPD responds to all heat and hot water complaints and, if adequate heat and...

DOB Overhauls Sidewalk Construction Shed and Scaffolding Rules

August 24, 2023    

The city wants to limit how long these eyesores stay up.



Sidewalk sheds are temporary structures built to protect people or property from falling debris during construction work. Currently, according to the DOB, there are approximately 9,000 active, permitted...

HPD Clarifies Documentation Required for Underlying Conditions Program

August 24, 2023    

Local Law 6 of 2013 gives HPD the authority to issue an order to a building owner to correct any underlying condition existing in that building that has caused or is causing a violation of the Housing Maintenance Code, the NYS Multiple Dwelling Law, or any other state or local law that imposes...