How to Obtain Documents, Access Records from DHCR

May 22, 2023    

From time to time, you may need to ask the DHCR for certain information or documents. For example, you may be defending against a reduced services complaint and want to see the DHCR inspection report, or you may want a printout of all cases currently pending at the DHCR for a building you’...

DOHMH Establishes Rat Mitigation Zones

April 23, 2023    

Prepare for more inspections and tougher enforcement for violations in these zones.


3 Tips to Navigate City’s Efforts to Increase Fair Housing Testing

March 24, 2023    

The city commits funds to fight source-of-income discrimination.


Comptroller Recommends Changes to How City Enforces Heating Requirements

February 21, 2023    

A recent report highlights the city’s failure to adequately address heat complaints.


DOB Reduces Violations, Penalties to Achieve Mayor’s Executive Order

January 25, 2023    

These 26 reforms are projected to save NYC small businesses roughly $1.5 million.


In January 2022, Mayor Adams signed Executive Order 2, “Small Business Forward,” to reform existing business regulations and ensure local businesses face fewer needless fines and...

FDNY Updates FEP Bulletin to Address Lithium-Ion Battery Risks

December 21, 2022    

E-bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, and other small electric mobility devices have experienced a surge in popularity. These devices use a small electric motor to increase the range and reduce the effort it takes to reach a destination. For example, e-bikes look and behave like traditional bicycles...

OSE Proposes Rules to Implement Short-Term Rental Registration Law

November 30, 2022    

Registration of short-term rentals takes effect in January. 


DHCR Increases Air-Conditioner Rent Surcharge for 2022–23

October 25, 2022    

Pending bill seeks to eliminate $5 surcharge for tenant-installed A/C units.


The Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) recently announced an increase in this year’s air-conditioner rent surcharge for owners who pay for electricity. In rent-controlled or...

DHCR Proposes Significant Amendments to Rent Stabilization Code

September 12, 2022    

On Aug. 31, the DHCR issued a notice of public hearing on proposed amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code. These proposed amendments have been in the works for two and a half years and would be the first update since 2014 to the Rent Stabilization Code, which governs roughly 1 million rent-...

6 Tips When Planning for Intense Storms

August 18, 2022    

The city releases a rainfall plan to help combat extreme weather.


What Owners Need to Know About NYC Security Deposit Laws

July 28, 2022    

The rules apply to all tenants, not just rent-regulated ones.


A security deposit is money a tenant deposits with the building owner that protects the owner if the tenant stops paying rent, skips out early on the lease, or damages the apartment. In New York, security...

How to Implement RGBO #54 Rent Increases

June 28, 2022    

RGB votes for sharpest increase in nearly a decade.