What Owners Need to Know About the Landlord Rental Assistance Program

October 18, 2021    

Owners who couldn’t get relief in the original Emergency Rental Assistance Program can now apply for thousands of dollars in aid through a new state program launched on Oct. 7. The Landlord Rental Assistance Program (LRAP) gives eligible recipients payments of up to a year’s worth of...

How to Apply the Rent Guidelines When ERAP Is Accepted

September 22, 2021    

If you’re accepting ERAP funds, you must abide by certain terms.


Supreme Court Limits CEEFPA: Which Eviction Protections Remain?

August 25, 2021    

On Aug. 12, the country’s highest court sided with a group of New York owners who challenged the state’s COVID Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act (CEEFPA). The CEEFPA was signed into law in December 2020, effectively freezing nearly all evictions in the state. In the...

How to Implement RGBO #53 Rent Increases

July 22, 2021    

On June 23, the Rent Guidelines Board voted to freeze existing rents for six months before increasing rates by 1.5 percent for the remaining half of the year for one-year leases. The RGB also voted to raise rents on two-year leases by 2.5 percent. The new rates take effect for leases commencing...

What Owners Need to Know About the Rent Assistance Program

June 21, 2021    

Here’s how to avoid processing delays.


The application portal for New York’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) has finally opened. As of June 1, eligible tenants and landlords can apply for rental assistance to help them get back on their feet. Many...

How to Comply with HPD's Heat Sensors Program

May 20, 2021    

Enforcement is strict, and penalties for violations are steep.


RGB Kicks Off Annual Rent Increase Decision Process

April 23, 2021    

The Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) recently started its annual process for examining and considering lease renewal guidelines in the coming year. This is the one decision of the RGB that has the greatest impact on owners since the board’s decision with regard to rent renewal increases affects...

How to Avoid Lawful Source-of-Income Discrimination Charges

March 19, 2021    

A recent lawsuit filed by the Housing Rights Initiative (HRI) against 88 brokerage firms and landlords brought attention to source-of-income discrimination. This discrimination is the illegal practice by landlords, owners, and brokers of refusing to rent to current or prospective tenants seeking...

How Will NY Implement the Emergency Rental Assistance Program?

February 19, 2021    

State lawmakers recently introduced a newly amended bill that’s intended to meet the federal requirements of the COVID-19 rent-relief measure enacted in December 2020. The federal rent relief package included $25 billion in emergency rental assistance. New York State is expected to receive...

New York State Extends Rent Relief, Broadens Eligibility

January 22, 2021    

The latest application window for COVID rent relief ends Feb. 1.

When the New York State Legislature passed the Emergency Rent Relief Act of 2020 last May, the DHCR was charged with administering the program by disbursing $100 million from the state’s CARES Act money to eligible...

How to Get DHCR Approval to Demolish a Rent-Regulated Building

December 18, 2020    

The DHCR recently updated its fact sheet related to demolitions. Demolitions have garnered more attention in recent years due to the sweeping changes made to rent regulations as a result of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA). Passed in June 2019, HSTPA severely limited rent...

Set Occupancy Benchmarks to Prevent Improper Pass-Ons

November 20, 2020    

Here’s how to keep track of who’s living in an apartment.