DHCR Proposes Significant Amendments to Rent Stabilization Code

September 12, 2022    

On Aug. 31, the DHCR issued a notice of public hearing on proposed amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code. These proposed amendments have been in the works for two and a half years and would be the first update since 2014 to the Rent Stabilization Code, which governs roughly 1 million rent-...

6 Tips When Planning for Intense Storms

August 18, 2022    

The city releases a rainfall plan to help combat extreme weather.


What Owners Need to Know About NYC Security Deposit Laws

July 28, 2022    

The rules apply to all tenants, not just rent-regulated ones.


A security deposit is money a tenant deposits with the building owner that protects the owner if the tenant stops paying rent, skips out early on the lease, or damages the apartment. In New York, security...

How to Implement RGBO #54 Rent Increases

June 28, 2022    

RGB votes for sharpest increase in nearly a decade.


Dos & Don'ts When Dealing with Tenant-Installed Air Conditioners

May 19, 2022    

As summer approaches, many of your tenants may start to install air conditioners in their windows. Or they may ask a super to do the installation for them. But air conditioners that tenants or building employees improperly install or remove may cause you big trouble. They may fall out of windows...

DHCR Issues New Guidance on Electronic Leases, Lease Offers

April 22, 2022    

The DHCR has finally issued rules to permit rent-stabilized leases and lease renewals to be offered and accepted through electronic means. On March 25, the DHCR issued Operational Bulletin 2022-1, entitled “Electronic Lease Offering and Tenant’s Voluntary Consent.” The bulletin...

Handling Requests for Emotional Support Animals: 3 Takeaways from a Recent Case

March 18, 2022    

A recent disability discrimination case involving an emotional support dog highlights the murky waters owners must navigate when making exceptions to pet policies as a reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities. Many leases contain “no-pet” clauses, barring pets...

How to Comply with FDNY's Amended Back-of-Door Notice Rule

February 18, 2022    

Among the numerous required postings and signage for apartment buildings in New York City, the fire safety notice that's posted on the backs of apartment entrance doors is one that has been shown to be very necessary due to recent tragic events. When faced with a fire in one’s building...

Tragic Bronx Fire Compels Review of Fire Safety Requirements

January 24, 2022    

We’ll run down the requirements for self-closing doors, smoke and CO detectors, fire escapes, stove knob covers—and all the related notices.


On Jan. 9, a fatal blaze began in a Bronx apartment unit, escaped an open door, and spread through the 19-story building...

Waterlogged: Complying with the Annual Drinking Water Storage Tank Requirements

December 21, 2021    

Annual inspection results are due Jan. 15.


Rooftop water tanks help deliver drinking water to millions of New York City residents. Based on an inventory of buildings that stand seven stories or taller, it’s estimated that there are 12,000 to 17,000 water towers in...

Rent Regulation Exit Strategy: Changes to Substantial Rehab Law in the Works

November 19, 2021    

A proposed bill wouldn’t block the exit—but it would require a formal approval process.



Owners’ ability to deregulate apartments and be exempt from rent stabilization requirements were severely eroded with the passage of the Housing...

What Owners Need to Know About the Landlord Rental Assistance Program

October 18, 2021    

Owners who couldn’t get relief in the original Emergency Rental Assistance Program can now apply for thousands of dollars in aid through a new state program launched on Oct. 7. The Landlord Rental Assistance Program (LRAP) gives eligible recipients payments of up to a year’s worth of...