Dealing with Illegal Short-Term Rentals: What New York City Property Managers Need to Know

Filmed in New York, NY on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 11am - 1pm (ET)

Short-Term Rental Laws in NYC: In Brief

Craig Notte gives a brief rundown of the laws that come into play regarding short-term rentals in NYC.


Lease Riders: Forbidding Short-Term Rentals

Todd Nahins stresses the importance of lease riders forbidding short-term rentals for market-rate apartments and the importance of prompt eviction action against rent-regulated tenant caught profiteering from illegally subletting.


To Catch an Illegal Subletter 

Todd Nahins on what landlords can do to catch tenants suspected of illegally subletting their apartments.


Using Technology to Prevent Illegal Short-Term Rentals

Yaron Zussman demonstrates biometric software that landlords can use to help prevent illegal short-term rentals.


Practical Tips: Stay on Top of Illegal Short-Term Rental

Todd Nahins on tips for how landlords can stay on top of potentially illegal short-term rentals of their apartments.