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Mayor Promises to Continue Fight Against Water Rate Ruling

March 17, 2017    

In Matter of Prometheus Realty Corp. v. New York City Water Board, the Appellate Division, First Department of the State Supreme Court ruled 3 - 1 that the city’s water board lacked a rational basis to award the credit to owners of one- to three-family homes, while leaving other...

Governor Vows to Veto 421-a Bill with No Union Labor Provisions

March 17, 2017    

In a recent speech during the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York Winter Conference, Governor Cuomo vowed to veto any 421-a legislation that doesn’t include protections for union labor. The governor said that the exclusion of a prevailing wage provision is “...

New Law Requires Clearly Marked Addresses at All Building Entrances

March 17, 2017    

The city council recently enacted a bill that would require street numbers to be placed on every side of a building that contains an entrance primarily used for day-to-day pedestrian ingress or egress. The bill is currently awaiting the mayor’s signature before becoming law.

OATH ECB Proposes to Repeal Penalty Schedules

March 17, 2017    

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings’ Environmental Control Board (OATH ECB) is proposing to repeal its buildings penalty schedule, which consists of Buildings Penalty Schedule I and Buildings Penalty Schedule II. This schedule is found in 48 RCNY § 3-103, and contains...

Council Votes to Reform Nuisance Abatement Law

March 17, 2017    

The City Council recently passed a package of bills intended to make it harder for the police to evict tenants committing nuisances such as drug dealing. The mayor is expected to sign the package.

NYC Human Rights Commission Charges Five Owners with Source of Income Discrimination

January 24, 2017    

The NYC Commission on Human Rights recently announced five complaints filed against large owners and brokerage firms for repeatedly refusing to accept housing vouchers. The complaints allege discrimination against prospective tenants based on their lawful source of income, a violation of the NYC...

City Council to Introduce Construction Safety Bills

January 24, 2017    

The New York City Council is expected to introduce a package of bills aimed at addressing the increasing number of accidents and fatalities in the construction industry. The city recorded 24 construction deaths over a two-year period—11 each year for workers and two passersby. The city...

DOF Publishes FY 2018 Tentative Property Tax Assessment Roll

January 24, 2017    

According to new data from the city’s Department of Finance (DOF), the total tentative market value for all assessed properties in New York City increased to $1.157 trillion this year, an 8.74 percent increase from 2016, when the total crossed $1 trillion for the first time.

Legislation Allowing Installation of Remote Heat Sensors in the Works

December 16, 2016    

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams recently joined affected tenants and housing lawyers in announcing a lawsuit based on data from a technology partnership that monitors heating-related harassment in Brooklyn apartment buildings. They discussed how residents across the borough are utilizing...

Proposed Law Would Require Sidewalk Scaffolding Removal After Three Months

December 16, 2016    

According to the DOB, there are 9,000 sidewalk sheds in NYC. They are installed to protect people from falling masonry and other debris. However, some feel they are staying up too long. City Councilman Ben Kallos, who represents the Upper East Side, recently proposed a new law that would give...

New Study Predicts Rising Sea Levels, Extensive Flooding in NYC

December 16, 2016    

The Regional Plan Association, an urban research and advocacy organization, recently came out with a new report that draws attention to the threat to the New York metropolitan area from sea level rise cause by climate change. The report is called “Under Water: How Sea Level Rise Threatens...

Cuomo Strikes Deal for Possible Revival of 421-a Program

November 21, 2016    

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has reached a deal with developers and union construction officials to revive the 421-a program. The program expired in January. It grants cuts in property taxes to developers who set aside subsidized apartments for low-, moderate-, and middle-income families or...

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