New Laws & Regs

Color-Coded Standpipe and Sprinkler Requirements

October 25, 2009    

On Sept. 3, 2009, Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a new local law that requires the uniform color-coding of standpipe and sprinkler systems, and professional certification that these...

Notify Tenants of Air Contamination Report Results

December 24, 2008    

The environmental fallout from toxic vapors has been in the news recently. According to the New York Times, toxic vapors are intruding into homes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is having difficulty assessing the problem...

New Fire Code Requirements and Owner Responsibilities

December 24, 2008    


In an exclusive interview with ALI, Noel Miller, Deputy Chief Inspector of the New York City Fire Department, explains what apartment building owners can do to avoid the most common fire code violations and how to comply with the new fire code requirements.


Lawn Litter Law Takes Effect

September 8, 2008    

Building owners are responsible for maintaining their properties in a clean manner, and this includes public sidewalks that are 18 inches from the curb line and abutting their properties. The new Lawn Litter Law may help owners with this responsibility, since unsolicited advertisements that are...