Apartment Law Insider Wins Top Newsletter Award

On June 6, New York Apartment Law Insider received the First Place Award for Best Business Newsletter, presented by the Specialized Information Publisher’s Association (SIPA) at its annual conference in Washington, D.C.

The judges based their decision on 2016 issues in which editor Eric Yoo explained:

  • How to evict a rent-regulated tenant who’s not using his apartment as his primary residence, as required (May, available here);
  • How to deal with tenants who violate a building’s “no-pet” policy (June, available here); and
  • How to evict tenants who cause property damage or whose behavior is abusive or otherwise constitutes a “nuisance” (July, available here).

Congratulations to our editor, Eric Yoo, and thank you to our subscribers for suggesting the topics most relevant to their businesses, and to our Board of Advisors for providing their expertise. To suggest topics for future issues, please contact Eric at eyoo@vendomegrp.com