DHCR Denies Bronx Landlord's Rent Hike

Landlord Normandy Real Estate Partners and managing agent Colonial Management Group were recently denied permission to raise rents at a Bronx housing complex at 1511-1521 Sheridan Avenue by the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR).

This denial was a result of efforts by the tenants of the complex who organized to fight the hike early last year. More than 100 tenants had grouped together to challenge the landlord's request in April. They claimed that the landlord had not made the improvements to the building that it was claiming in its application, and that the buildings still had roof leaks, broken elevators, defective electrical wiring, and broken security cameras. They also enlisted the help of non-profit tenant advocacy group Community Action for Safe Apartments and lawyers from the Urban Justice Center to file a letter of opposition with the DHCR.

The landlord was allegedly proposing a monthly increase of over $20 per room per apartment, which would amount to around $1 million per year in the 221-unit complex.