Disclose Prior Year's Bedbug Infestation/Eradication History to New Tenants


Spring is the season when newly minted college graduates flock to New York City to start their careers. And as the rental market heats up from now until September, owners of apartments should be aware that they are required to furnish each tenant signing a vacancy lease a notice that states the property's bedbug infestation history.

Specifically, Section 27-2018.1 of the NYC Administrative Code owners requires an owner to furnish each tenant signing a vacancy lease with a notice in a form promulgated or approved by the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal that sets forth the property's bedbug infestation history for the previous year regarding the premises rented by the tenant and the building in which the premises are located.

If you're fortunate enough to have not experienced a bedbug infestation in the past year, there's an option on the DHCR-sanctioned notice to indicate that your property has been free of bedbugs.

For a copy of this notice, you can click here.