DOB Issues Updates on Post-Hurricane Repairs on Elevators, Boilers, and Fee-Exempt Work


The Department of Buildings (DOB) has posted updated the following post-hurricane repair information:

1. Elevator Applications: Post-Hurricane Repairs

All repair or replacement work to elevators damaged by Hurricane Sandy must be filed with the DOB and comply with the below guidelines.

  • Elevator Building Notice (EBN) Required: To remove, dismantle, alter, repair, or replace equipment for an existing device, the DOB requires an EBN. To do this, submit an Elevator Application (ELV1 form).
  • Filing Minor Alterations: Operations Policy and Procedure Notice 26/90 outlines self-certification requirements for contractors to sign-off on minor alterations to elevators. This is acceptable for minor work that doesn’t require a test to be performed in the presence of a DOB inspector.
  • Required Work Standards: All emergency work, minor alterations, and ordinary repairs must be performed according to the requirements outlined in 1 RCNY §28-105 .4.1 and §28-105.4.2, as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1/2003, as modified by Appendix K of the NYC Building Code.

For additional questions, you can contact the DOB’s Elevator Division at

2. Boiler Repairs: Hurricane Sandy Damage

Property owners seeking to repair boilers and related equipment damaged by Hurricane Sandy must hire a licensed oil-burning equipment installer or licensed master plumber. This contractor must inspect equipment directly affected by salt water and identify any necessary corrections.

Most often, once wiring or equipment has been in contact with salt water, it must be removed and replaced. Dried salt can conduct electricity and cause an electrical fire. While a licensed contractor may observe other conditions needing repair, the following steps are required if the listed equipment was in contact with or submerged in salt water:

  • Fuel Burners–Gas/Oil: Must be replaced if submerged in salt water
  • Boilers’ Electrical Controls or Wiring: Must be replaced if submerged or in contact with salt water
  • Boiler Safety/Relief Valves: If submerged in salt water, must be replaced with the appropriate pressure and capacity
  • Cast-Iron Boilers: Must be disconnected, cleaned, and all salt-water residue removed; gaskets, chamber material, and refractory must be replaced
  • Steel Boilers: Outer insulation jackets must be removed and replaced; outer- and inner-steel shell must be cleaned, made free of salt-water residue and re-installed; combustion chamber, refractory, and boiler door gaskets must be replaced
  • Flue Exhaust Pipe: Must be replaced if submerged in salt water

Emergency work permits are available for emergency repairs. Email the Boiler Unit at if you need assistance or have additional questions.

3. Hurricane Repair Work: Application & Permit Fees Waived—UPDATED

Application and permit fees are waived for work on buildings damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The DOB has also waived outstanding civil penalties that would otherwise prevent permits from being issued.

  • Severely Structurally Damaged Buildings: Buildings tagged with a red placard qualify as severely structurally damaged and are eligible for fee-exempt work for applications submitted on or after Oct. 30, 2012, and on or before Oct. 30, 2014. The fees for demolition applications and permits; alteration Type-1, -2, and -3 applications; permits to renovate and repair damaged structures; new building applications and permits to rebuild completely destroyed structures; electrical and plumbing applications; and associated work applications and permits (i.e., elevators, sheds, scaffolds, construction fences) are waived.
  • Other Buildings Requiring Electrical and Plumbing Repairs: For other buildings, applications and fees for electrical and plumbing work submitted on or after Oct. 30, 2012, and on or before April 30, 2013, are eligible for fee exemption if the applicant submits certification by a NYC licensed electrician, licensed plumber, or fire suppression piping contractor that the work is related to Hurricane Sandy damage. Repairs that are not eligible for fee exemption (work other than electrical and plumbing) must be filed on a separate application.