Gov. Cuomo Outlines His Goals for First 100 Days in New Term

In a speech last month at the New York City Bar Association, Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined an ambitious agenda for the first 100 days of his third term, which started Jan. 1. As part of his agenda, the governor intends to reform rent regulations, including ending vacancy decontrol, repealing preferential rent, and limiting capital improvement charges.

Cuomo has stated that it will now be easier to enact many of the agenda items, since the Democrats gained nearly two-thirds of the seats in the Senate in November’s election. Democrats already lead the state Assembly.

Since giving the speech, in a radio interview, Gov. Cuomo has stated that he plans to include the bulk of his 2019 legislative agenda in his state budget proposal. “All of it,” Cuomo said when asked about what measures will be included in his spending plan. “All of it. Time matters.”

The legislative session is scheduled to begin in Albany on Jan. 9, and Cuomo’s budget proposal is expected to be released in the coming weeks.