Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order against NYC Water Rate Hike

A Manhattan Supreme Court Justice recently granted a temporary restraining order in response to a lawsuit submitted by the Rent Stabilization Association. In her order, the judge directed the New York City Water Board and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to answer claims that the rate hike is “unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion.” The Rent Stabilization Association led a coalition for the lawsuit, accusing the New York City Water Board of overreaching to advance the “mayor’s political agenda to appeal to homeowners.”            

The RSA claims that the agency illegally sidestepped state authorities in approving the rate hike. The group also said that the price increase unfairly burdens large building owners since they are ineligible to get the one-time credit. The $183 bill credit was supposed to offset the price hike. However, it is only for customers that own one- to three-family homes.

The next hearing in front of the judge will be on June 20.