NYC Launches Tenant Protection Ad Campaign, Website

The de Blasio Administration recently launched a campaign to educate tenants on their new rights under the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019. The ads, designed by The Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants, give New York City renters the information they need to hold their landlords accountable. The Office to Protect Tenants also has launched a new website with digestible breakdowns of the new rights renters have under enacted laws.

In addition to the ads, which will be displayed in subways, bus shelters, small businesses, Staten Island ferry terminals, community newspapers, Link kiosks, and online, the city’s Public Engagement Unit will be going door to door to make sure tenants know about the new protections and how to advocate for themselves.

The Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit was created in 2015 to reimagine how government serves New Yorkers by proactively connecting community members to important public services and building lasting relationships. The Tenant Support Unit, one of several programs within PEU, proactively engages with and provides free assistance to New Yorkers who, for example, may be experiencing landlord harassment (such as lack of home or building maintenance) or are at risk of displacement.