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Height and Weight Join the Long List of Protected Classes

New York City recently enacted a bill that adds two new additions to the lengthy list of protected classes under the New York City Human Rights Law. The law, which will go into effect on Nov. 22, 2023, makes it illegal to discriminate against an apartment buyer, renter, job applicant, independent contractor, or current employee based on the person’s perceived weight and height.

New York City joins six other cities and one state that passed similar legislation. Both New York and New Jersey have comparable pending bills.

Should You Require Employees to Get Vaccinated?

As COVID-19 vaccines start to become available to the general public, can employers now order mandatory vaccinations of their employees? The answer is not so simple. Landlords, cooperatives, and condominiums should be aware of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance issued last month on this topic. Whether an employer chooses to enact a mandatory vaccination policy or merely encourages its employees to get inoculated, many complex legal and personnel issues will arise.