Landlord v. Tenant

Landlord's Refusal to Consent to Sublet Was Unreasonable

September 12, 2012    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant for unauthorized subletting. Tenant asked the court to dismiss the case. Landlord had denied tenant's request to sublet for two years while she went to Florida to recuperate from cancer treatments. Landlord claimed that tenant bought a house in...

No Proof of Unauthorized Sublet to Tenant's Brother

September 12, 2012    

Landlord sued to evict tenant for unauthorized subletting to tenant's brother. The court ruled for landlord. Tenant appealed and won. The informal occupancy arrangement between tenant and his brother was not proved to be an illegal sublet. There was no proof that the brother was obligated to...

Landlord v. Tenant

August 31, 2012    

Discrimination: Landlord Discriminated Against Wheelchair-Bound Tenant

Disabled tenants, a couple, complained to the local Human Rights Commission (HRC) about landlord's disability discrimination. Tenants said that landlord refused to accommodate their disabilities, repeatedly...

Landlord v. Tenant

July 30, 2012    

Eviction: Landlord Didn't Prove Ongoing Illegal Activity in Apartment

Landlord sued to evict tenant after serving a 10-day termination notice based on illegal use of the apartment. Landlord claimed that the District Attorney directed it to start the eviction action against tenant....

Landlord v. Tenant

July 1, 2012    

DOH Violations: Mouse Droppings in Apartment Show Pest Harborage Violation

DOHMH issued a violation notice to landlord for failing to keep the premises free of pests and conditions conducive to pests. The issuing officer observed fresh mouse droppings in an apartment, on the kitchen...

Landlord v. Tenant

May 29, 2012    

Discrimination: Landlord Needn't Make Premises Handicapped Accessible

Tenant, a disabled veteran, sued landlord in federal court, claiming that areas of his apartment and the apartment complex were inaccessible to him due to his disability. He also claimed discrimination under the...

Landlord v. Tenant

April 27, 2012    

Rent: 10% Late Fee Excessive

Former tenant sued landlord to recover a security deposit and late fee payments totaling $5,000. Landlord claimed that tenant owed $1,944 in back rent. Tenant showed that he had paid a security deposit of $3,080 and late fees of more than $2,000 under a...

Landlord v. Tenant

March 24, 2012    

Landlord's Negligence: Landlord Not Responsible for Attack on Tenant's Boyfriend

Tenant's boyfriend sued landlord and the contractor who maintained the building's intercom system for negligence after he was attacked in tenant's apartment by tenant's two adult...

Landlord v. Tenant

February 27, 2012    

DOS Violations: Ignorance of Mattress Disposal Requirement No Excuse

DOS issued a violation notice to landlord for improper disposal of bedding. The DOS inspector found a mattress placed out for trash collection that wasn't in a securely sealed bag. Landlord said he didn't know...

Landlord v. Tenant

February 9, 2012    

Landlord's Negligence: Tenant Attacked and Robbed in Building

Tenant sued landlord for negligence after she was attacked and robbed in landlord's building. Landlord claimed that it wasn't responsible because the attack wasn't foreseeable, and asked the court to dismiss...

Landlord v. Tenant: Latest Bedbug Rulings

March 12, 2011    

Landlord Must Pay Tenant $3,900 for Bedbug Infestation Damage

Mitchell-Lama co-op tenant sued landlord cooperative corporation, seeking reimbursement after she...