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Bloomberg Unveils New Approach to Target Illegal Conversions

June 20, 2011    

In a statement released by his office recently, Mayor Bloomberg outlined how the city plans to deal with dangerous illegally converted apartments. A multi-agency task force, chaired by Chief Policy Advisor John Feinblatt, developed a risk assessment model that will be applied to illegal...

Bronx Fire Deaths Spark Crackdown on Illegal Apartments

May 20, 2011    

City fire and building officials will search for new ways to target landlords who unlawfully subdivide their properties, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the wake of an April 25 Bronx fire that killed a family of three living in illegal subdivided housing.

City Hands Out Fines for Violations of Bedbug Mattress Law

April 20, 2011    

The New York City Department of Sanitation requires city residents to fully seal any mattresses or box springs in plastic bags before leaving them out for curbside pickup. Failure to do so can result in a $100 fine. The law is intended to help slow the spread of bedbugs.

Judge Says Owner Neglected Secondhand Smoke Complaint

March 26, 2011    

A district court judge in Nassau County recently ruled that an Upper East Side tenant could break her lease and pay reduced rent because when she had complained about a neighbor's cigarette smoking, the landlord failed to take appropriate action to alleviate the secondhand smoke.

Discrimination Settlement Could Affect Thousands of Apartments

November 24, 2010    

A settlement between a developer and the U.S. government has owners across the city fearing they'll be forced to make changes at tens of thousands of apartments to comply with federal law preventing discrimination against the disabled.

Investigation: Too Many Illegally Converted Apartments

November 1, 2010    

Mayor Bloomberg and DOB Commissioner LiMandri recently announced the results of an undercover operation to crack down on illegally converted dwellings and hold property owners accountable for putting potential tenants and first responders at risk.

New Law Makes It Easier for City to Shut Down Illegal Hotels

August 30, 2010    

Governor Paterson recently signed into law a measure giving the city greater power to crack down on illegal hotels. The law removes a legal gray area that contributed to the problem of landlords renting apartments as hotel rooms so they can charge more than rent laws allow. It provides a clear...

Court Invalidates Prior Years' Low-Rent Supplements

July 26, 2010    

For two subsequent years before this year's Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) order, the RGB authorized a fixed rent increase that affected only tenants who have lived in their apartments for six years or longer and had legal rents of $1,000 or less. Approximately 300,000 apartments had renewal...

DOB Appoints New Enforcement Official, Initiates Sweeping Balcony Inspections

June 1, 2010    

The Department of Buildings (DOB) has been under increased scrutiny in the past few years, after a series of tragic construction accidents and the recent guilty plea by a construction crane company that it paid off a top city inspector to shortcut safety inspections and licensing exams. The...

DEP's Automated Meter Reading Provides Accurate Billings, Water Usage Updates

September 28, 2009    

Beginning in March 2009, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) began installing Automated Meter Reading (AMR) transmitters on water meters throughout the city. This is a three-year project designed to virtually eliminate estimated bills and provide apartment owners with...

Tenant Protection Act Upheld in Court

August 20, 2009    

The Tenant Protection Act, which gave tenants the right to sue owners in Housing Court for using threats or other disruptive tactics to force them out, was upheld in a recent State Supreme Court ruling. The law made harassment a housing code violation and allowed a judge to impose civil...

State Assembly Approves Sweeping Rent-Regulation Revisions

February 22, 2009    

In an attempt to address affordable housing issues in New York City and surrounding communities, the state assembly overwhelmingly passed a sweeping 10-bill legislative package that, among other things, would scale back increases on rent-regulated apartments statewide, returning to regulation...