What You Need to Know About the New Rent Law: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

New York Apartment Law Insider presents…

What You Need to Know About the New Rent Law: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Heather Stone, Executive Editor of New York Apartment Law Insider sat down with Eileen O’Toole, New York attorney and author of the New York Rent Regulation Checklist, to answer your top 10 questions about the new rent law.

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A Guide to Your Top 10 Questions Answered…

  1. What are the most significant changes to the rent laws? (0:00 – 2:27)
  2. How do changes affect “luxury deregulation,” and what will happen with regard to pending deregulation applications? (2:28 – 5:06)
  3. How do changes affect vacancy and renewal leases under rent stabilization? (5:06 – 7:10)  
  4. In the case of preferential rents, if owners now have to renew a tenant’s preferential rent rider using RGB renewal guidelines over the last prior preferential rent, how does this affect how renewal leases are offered? (7:10 – 10:45)
  5. What are the key changes to the laws concerning rent overcharge complaints? (10:45 – 16:06)  
  6. On what grounds have owner groups filed a lawsuit challenging the new law? (16:07 – 18:30)
  7. What do we know today about changes to Individual Apartment Improvement rent increases? (18:30 – 23:17)  
  8. How does law affect the collection of MCI rent increases? (23:18 – 26:52)  
  9. When do changes to Maximum Base Rent and Fuel Cost Adjustment increases take effect?  (26:52 – 29:15)  
  10. How have the rules changed for assessing treble damages for rent overcharge complaints? (29:15 – 31:13)