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Enacted NYS Budget Updates IAI Rules for Rent-Stabilized Apartments

May 20, 2024    

The new IAI provision will go into effect in October 2024.



New York State Enacts Good Cause Eviction Law

May 20, 2024    

Eligible market-rate renters can now challenge certain rent hikes.



How to Comply with the City’s Cooling Tower Startup Regulations

April 23, 2024    

Cooling tower owners have only a short window of time to coordinate startup efforts.



Springtime marks the time of year when HVAC cooling towers are put back into service. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH) recently issued seasonal startup...

DHCR Updates Demolition Stipend Chart

April 23, 2024    

The relocation stipends for demolition orders have been increased.



One of the grounds upon which an owner may end a rent-regulated tenancy is where the owner intends to demolish the building. However, in such situations, an owner must first obtain DHCR...

File RPIE Statements, Storefront Registry Filings with DOF by June 3

April 23, 2024    

To retain your right to appeal to the Tax Commission, you must file your RPIE on time.


HPD Releases Proposed Rule for Heat Sensors Program

March 18, 2024    

Buildings will now be selected for the program annually.



Large Building Owners to Submit Benchmarking Data by May 1

March 18, 2024    

Penalties for missing the deadline start at $500 and increase quarterly.



Governor Signs New Rent-Stabilized Housing Legislation

February 22, 2024    

We highlight the significant changes.



In December 2023, Governor Hochul signed legislation (S2980C/A6216B) that seeks to strengthen rent-stabilized tenant protections. The legislation broadens the definition of fraud in rent overcharge cases, requires owners...

How to Collect 2024–25 MBR Increases for Rent-Controlled Units

February 22, 2024    

New York City Local Law 30 of 1970 stipulates that Maximum Base Rents be established for rent-controlled apartments according to a formula calculated to reflect real estate taxes, water and sewer charges, operating and maintenance expenses, return on capital value, and vacancy and collection...

DOB Publishes Final Rule on Natural Gas Detectors

February 22, 2024    

Owners must comply on or before May 1, 2025.



DOB Adopts Second Rules Package for Implementing Local Law 97

January 26, 2024    

The city’s landmark climate law went into effect Jan. 1.



DOB recently adopted a second major rules package for the implementation of Local Law 97 of 2019, the city's carbon emissions law that places limits on greenhouse gases coming from the city...

DHCR Updates Reasonable Cost Schedule for MCIs

January 26, 2024    

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the items show a cost increase from 2023 to 2024.



On Jan. 3, the DHCR issued its third update to Operational Bulletin 2021-1. When the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA) was enacted, it directed the DHCR to...