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The Case for Renting to Not-for-Profit Housing Agencies

As most of the landlord/tenant bar members are aware, not-for-profit housing providers abound in the city for the homeless, persons in recovery, and persons with disabilities who require transitional housing. When the apartments they lease are within a rent-stabilized building the question often arises as to what rights these organizations have under rent stabilization. The appeal of renting to not-for-profit agencies is that owners rent to one tenant, one contact, receive close-to-market rents, and face fewer obstacles in the collection of rent.

Tenants' Profiteering Results in Incurable Breach of Lease

Such brazen and commercial exploitation of a rent-stabilized apartment significantly undermines the purpose and integrity of the Rent Stabilization Law and Code and is therefore incurable.”

Quote from decision of Judge Laurie Lau, BPark, LLC v. Durena , L&T Index No. 100145/2014 (4/1/15), attorneys for the owner, Sidrane & Schwartz-Sidrane, LLP.