Management Basics

Minimize Fines, Reduce Liability with Smart Snow Removal Policy

January 28, 2010    

Winter weather creates hazardous conditions that can be extremely dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. And while there are city agencies responsible for monitoring and dealing with the side effects of freezing temperatures and winter storms on public roadways, taking care of slippery...

Protect Tenants and Building from Christmas Tree Fire Hazards

November 23, 2009    

As Christmas approaches, many of your tenants will be setting up Christmas trees in their apartments. While a beautifully decorated tree can add to the holiday spirit and help create a fragrant indoor atmosphere, Christmas trees can also pose a serious fire hazard to tenants' apartments as...

Meeting Your Appliance Repair and Maintenance Responsibilities

June 24, 2009    

Many owners supply tenants with appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, and garbage disposals. And when these appliances eventually break down, you may need to know whether you are supposed to repair or replace the broken appliance. Failing to do so, if required, can result in...

How to Start Preparing Your Building for a Pandemic Flu

May 24, 2009    

A pandemic flu is a global outbreak of disease originating from a new flu virus. Since most people have little or no natural immunity to these new flu strains, pandemic flus are likely to be more severe than seasonal flus with greater risk of hospitalization and death.

11 Signs to Post in Building Lobby or Entryway, Part II

March 18, 2009    

Most owners and managers are not aware of all the different signs that are required to be posted in a New York City apartment building. It is difficult to keep up with the sign-posting requirements that are buried in several different city and state laws. However, ignorance is not a valid excuse...

11 Signs to Post in Building Lobby or Entryway, Part I

February 22, 2009    

Keeping track of all the signs you are required to post in your building's lobby or entrance hall can be difficult. The sign-posting requirements are buried in several different city and state laws. But as difficult as it may be to keep up with the many different requirements, a missing or...

How to Set Up Successful Roof Management Program

October 29, 2008    

As winter approaches and erratic weather patterns become more frequent, owners and managers may want to be proactive in keeping their apartment building roofs in the best shape possible. Harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, strong winds, and extreme temperatures, can cause...

Keep Proper Records to Avoid Lead-Based Paint Fines, Lawsuits

September 16, 2008    


Lead-based paint hazards have been in the news recently. A New York state bill dealing with lead-based paint is awaiting Governor Paterson's signature at the time of this writing. Its purpose is to identify 30 communities with the highest amount of lead-based hazards and...

Getting Help for Isolated Elderly Tenants

August 26, 2008    

Many elderly tenants are capable of living independently and paying their rent on time. But sooner or later, you may have an elderly tenant who has trouble coping with day-to-day concerns, such as managing money, paying rent on time, or keeping his apartment tidy.